gooseneck drums

These Drums are specially designed to fit 80 drums in a 20 ft container.

Material : Mild steel drums plain and epoxy coated

Sizes :

  • Drums available in thickness ranging from 0.8 - 1.25 mm

  • UN certification available for air and sea transport

  • Internally plain/lacquer lined/painted are available

  • Top fitted with flat, circular or C-type gaskets with the help of rings

  • Gaskets are available in rubber and EPDM

  • Paints used on drums are of excellent quality that passes Acetone, MEK rub test and cross adhesion test

  • Customization in design is available according to customer’s requirement (Subject to availability of tools)


200 to 235 Ltr.

These drums have triple-seamed ends with the body used for filling liquid and semi-liquid products.
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